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July (will be updated here as it comes in):


I would like to know if anyone is interested in a NC regional meeting for a day.
We could have the meeting and then spend time trying and sharing ideas.  Or,
are you interested in a weekend where we can rent a large beach house and
have fun for two to three days?  It would be the end of September, as I have a
road trip to Las Vegas in October.

I would like to welcome Margaret as our SC Rep. — here is to great things
coming from the 3 amigos.

I am also working on starting a art quilt/fiber group here on the Outer Banks.
It will be based strictly on growing and having fun and then in the spring put
together a exhibition.   If anyone has any ideas how I might be able to get this
going please email me at Iseasunrises at aol dot com


4 Responses to "North Carolina News"

It would be wonderful to have a joint membership group with SAQA and PAQA-South which has a number of members in the outer banks area. The missions and activities of the groups are in line with each other. PAQA-S seems to lean more towards professional development and SAQA supports sales for independent artists.

Check out

-Lyric Kinard

SAQA provides professional development opportunities through SAQA-U, mentoring and the new Visioning Project. Also, there are regional and national conferences and meetings. SAQA is about helping the artist in every way possible. It is up to the individual as to what they do with SAQA.

Like Lyric, I would like to see a joint membership conference with PAQA-S and SAQA’s regional NC/SC/VA group. There is some overlap between the two groups already. There are several members of PAQA-S who live on the coast and sometimes find it difficult to make it to PAQA-S’s annual conference in the spring of each year. I think a joint meeting in teh fall would be a good way to recruit additional members for SAQA who are in PAQA-S and are sitting on the fence about joining SAQA.

I found this entry late, but would definitely second the idea of a joint conference. The 2 groups overlap and have much to offer the members of each group. I beach trip in the off season sounds pretty good to me. Nancy

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SAQA 2010 Conference

Jointly sponsored with Surface Design Association, "Reinvention" will be held at San Francisco State University from March 19-21, 2010. March 19-20 will be a symposium at SFSU, with studio tours and museum exhibits scheduled for March 21. A variety of three-day workshops will be offered March 22-24.

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