Please check here by the 5th of every month for the posting of the regional newsletter. A reminder is on this page under SAQA Calendar of Events. Updates to the state pages on the blog will be made at any time, so check those often.

August Newsletter:

State of Mine:
Our exhibit proposal for our region only was accepted. The actual call for entries will go out from SAQA in 2010. Most venues are planning ahead for 2011, so we weren’t able to book for 2010. This delays the actual call for entries. So far, Mancuso’s Hampton 2011 show has accepted our exhibit. We have a couple of venues interested. If you know of a venue that would like to exhibit our “exhibit,” please let me know. The one unique thing about this upcoming exhibit is that it can be split into three exhibits.

Our call for entries will focus on the state you live in. You would make piece(s) focused on one of Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina. The show could be split into exhibits for Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina or shown together. The actual sizes etc. will be issued in 2010, but for purposes of design, you can focus on some aspect of your state. The call will be called “State of Mine.”

Artist of the Month – please check the Artist of the Month page on this site for our August artist. Remember, you can submit your bio, photo of yourself, and a photo of your work to me for a future month.

Your Co-Reps:

We have been asked to submit our photo (ugh), photo of a piece of our work, and our bios for a SAQA Journal to be published in an upcoming issue.

PAM Opportunity:

SAQA has been offered an opportunity to do a full page (or two or three) of artist ads in the October issue of Fiberarts magazine. There will be twelve artists per page. The cost is $252 per artist.

Deadline for this issue would be August 12th for reservation and August 19th for space.

If you are interested, please contact:

Leanne Pressly, Ad Manager Interweave Press
phone 866-539-3110 or 719-539-3110
fax 970-692-8299
Fiberarts, Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, Knitscene, Knits Gifts, Knitting,

July Newsletter:

See our new Artist of the Month, there is a page set up on this blog for our artists. If you want to be listed, contact me. I have a couple of months of people and then it is a blank slate after that.

Twitter, we’re on Twitter now. Click on the word “Twitter” on the sidebar and see our listing, then follow us. I will post reminders of deadlines, news of importance, etc. here.

If your name is missing from the Region’s Artists page, that more than likely indicates you didn’t renew, Check with us, contact Lynda per her email address on the front post. If there is something you want to see on the regional blog, let me know.

We have submitted a new proposal for a series of exhibits to begin in 2011. We will post it when we get confirmation of the approval. We found most venues were booking into 2011. We are on Mancuso’s Hampton Show list for 2011.

We will continue to email you individually whenever we get a notice of lapse of membership, or when you join – or if there is something that is really important. Please note that sometimes the renewals come across to us as new joins, so you may get a note from us welcoming you. I apologize for emailing the entire list in the To: box, that goes against my personal policy and against the privacy rules SAQA tries to adhere to. Too many things were on my mind and I am sorry.

Update your information: when you have new information such as email address, website, blog, contact me and I will update the information. You should ideally update this information under your account settings on the SAQA site. If you have set up an artist’s page on the SAQA site, then update the website information, etc. there also.

New, news … send me your news and shows to post. We have a lot of busy artists here and that is great, share your good news. With summer, you never know who may stop in to see your show.

Please look for news on your state’s page throughout the month. Read Martha Sielman’s July e-letter which has been sent out. It will be posted on the SAQA site in a few days.

I don’t know if you were aware you could submit images for the SAQA Journal. I entered on our Calendar of Events the deadlines for images to be submitted. It is on a theme-based submission. See the SAQA E-Letter for more information.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.
Lynda, Lorri, Margaret

June Newsletter:

VA-NC-SC Regional June 2009 E-News

Our e-newsletter is being sent as a pdf attachment now to make it easier to print.
If you find it difficult to download, contact me at lyndathompsonartquilts at gmail dot com and I will send you an email where it is inside the body.  Our e-newsletter now gives you regional news as well as news
for your state.

Please read the e-newsletter from Martha Sielman that you should have received today.   She gives extensive and new information.

Regional News:

We have some great news for the region and for South Carolina.  Margaret Hunt
is our new co-rep for our region, and will specifically represent South Carolina.
We believe the area will be fully represented with our three positions.   Margaret
is an active participant of QuiltArt.  She is involved locally in the fiber arts.  She
has a longstanding blog that many are familiar with:

The region will operate as a cohesive unit while giving each state a better
representation and new opportunities.

Our artist of the month is:  Priscilla Stultz.  Please see the regional page for
information about Priscilla.

New Call for Entry just for our region:   We have resubmitted our proposal to the
Exhibit Committee for its review and approval.  We should hear something any
day.  When we get the information we will send out a notice to all of our members
so you don’t have to wait to start working on your submission.  We expect to
have a short submittal date, but we are pushing for online submission.

The Yahoo group for our area is:
The group will be as active as you as members make it.

None of us (co-reps) were able to attend the SAQA conference.  I was scheduled
to attend but couldn’t due to health.

SAQA has a new opportunity for members starting in October.  It is called “The
Visioning Project.”  Information about the project can be found at    The project is about helping each
of us individually to set up goals.  Each person will have a visioning page (if you
desire) on a SAQA-U page that you will use to help you with your plan.  SAQA
will be announcing more about the project.  This is a new benefit to our

There are new opportunities to exhibit, so check out the SAQA page about that.

There are new mp3’s to listen to in the SAQA mentoring pages.  Carol Taylor
gave the latest talk and she gave SAQA members the opportunity to download
and amend her contract for our personal use.  I find listening to the talks while I
am working on my art quilts to be inspirational.

We wanted to go over the membership guidelines for becoming a PAM
(professional artist with SAQA) as there has been some confusion.

Suggested Guidelines for the Professional Artist Member (PAM):

Candidates for the PAM category should show a consistent professional body of
work over a period of time and meet a majority (at least 5) of the following

1.  Inclusion in at least six juried exhibitions, including three on a national level
2.  At least one solo exhibition
3.  Inclusion in at least one museum exhibition
4.  Work included in at least four collections (private, corporate, or public)
5.  Critical reviews
6.  Work included in publications (books, magazines, illustrated catalogs, etc.)
7.  Local, national or international awards, honors, fellowships, grants
8.  College degree (or equivalent education) in art
9.  Gallery representation

Materials required by SAQA when applying for PAM status:

1.  Current resume showing evidence of continuing achievement and growth in
the area of studio art and art quilts
2.  Ten numbered slides or a CD, accompanied with a list identifying title, date,
materials, technique, size
3.  Artist statement
4.  Other relevant materials (catalogs, reviews, etc.)

There are many additional benefits for becoming a PAM member including being
included in an annual portfolio book where each member gets a page.  The
portfolio book is sent out to galleries and collectors.  There is an application form
on the SAQA membership page for those interested in becoming a PAM.

Virginia News – from Lynda Thompson, SAQA Co-rep for VA/NC/SC:

A shop owner for an “art quilting” type shop here in Richmond has offered her
shop up for a regional meeting for us.  We would need to schedule a date.  I am
thinking about scheduling it in conjunction with a national teacher’s schedule at
the shop.  Let me know by email what you would prefer.  Anyone could attend a
meeting without attending a teaching schedule, but for those who don’t want to
just attend a meeting, this would give people a chance to learn from a national

If you have any other ideas for a regional meeting, let me know.  The idea of
meeting during the Hampton Quilt Festival is still an option for a VA or regional
meeting.  A meeting in Richmond would be a bit more central for everyone in the
state and there would be no fee just for the meeting.

I have a group in Richmond for fiber artists, called “Richmond Fiber Artists.”  It is
not exclusive to art quilters and we have some weavers, etc. that belong.  If you
are in the Richmond greater area and would like to participate, please let me
know.  We will have a meeting on August 3 from 10 to 12 noon at Quilting
Adventures in Richmond.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  This is
a networking opportunity for SAQA members and hopefully we will have some
recruits eventually.   See

My email address for contacting me is:  lyndathompsonartquilts at gmail dot com

North Carolina News – from Lorri Chambers, SAQA Co-Rep for VA/NC/SC:

I would like to know if anyone is interested in a NC regional meeting for a day.
We could have the meeting and then spend time trying and sharing ideas.  Or,
are you interested in a weekend where we can rent a large beach house and
have fun for two to three days?  It would be the end of September, as I have a
road trip to Las Vegas in October.

I would like to welcome Margaret as our SC Rep. — here is to great things
coming from the 3 amigos.

I am also working on starting a art quilt/fiber group here on the Outer Banks.
It will be based strictly on growing and having fun and then in the spring put
together a exhibition.   If anyone has any ideas how I might be able to get this
going please email me at Iseasunrises at aol dot com

South Carolina News:

Margaret Hunt will be the new SAQA Co-Rep “representing” South Carolina.
With the SAQA conference last week, processing of her membership/co-rep is
taking a bit longer.

Margaret is no stranger to many of you.  She has been an active participant on
the QuiltArt list.  She is busy locally with fiber art groups.

You are welcome to contact her with ideas and questions: mcmhunt at wctel dot net.


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  • We need artists to submit artist photo, one work photo and bio to for artist of the month. 9 years ago
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