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I have a great opportunity coming up and was hoping that your SAQA regional blog might be willing to help. Recently I signed an exhibition contract with the Office of Cultural Affairs in Charleston for a solo show at City Gallery at Waterfront Park during MOJA 2010, Sept. 10 – Oct. 10, 2010. The work they selected is my Decision Portrait Series. The space is GIGANTIC….I’m talking about several rooms spread over two floors. Although I have over 45 pieces completed, I need about 45 more. Doing the work is not the problem. Finding the people willing to participate is! I have a blog that explains the concept, documents the work, and includes a “wish list” for future pieces….although I’m totally open to new ideas as there are thousands of decisions that people make every day….big or small. Anyway, the pieces are technically all “quilts”…in the sense that there are three layers held together with stitch. Would it be possible to post my request for “models” on your blog? Is there any other way in which you could network this need? To participate in the series, one must only email me their decision with a digital image and physical address. I will provide the standard model’s release and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. I generally share the completed work with each participant before posting it on my blog… each person an opportunity to make suggestions about the statement accompanying the image on the Internet. I don’t need to use anyone’s real name but am also happy to include it and links to whatever website or blog is appropriate. Each participant will also receive an invitation to any exhibitions. Thanks for considering posting this!
Susan Lenz
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North Carolina Patches ‘n Pieces Quilt Club is having a show Saturday March 20, 10AM – 6 PM,
and Sunday March 21, 12PM – 5 PM.

Generation to Generation…Quilting and Fiber Arts for All Ages
Location: Holy Cross School
2125 Langhorne Rd, Lynchburg, VA
$3 donation


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SAQA 2010 Conference

Jointly sponsored with Surface Design Association, "Reinvention" will be held at San Francisco State University from March 19-21, 2010. March 19-20 will be a symposium at SFSU, with studio tours and museum exhibits scheduled for March 21. A variety of three-day workshops will be offered March 22-24.

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